The Holistic Light Treatment® following the method of Light-, Colour, Music and Vibration transmission

by Andreas Korte / PHI Essences



Visible Light Spectrum

Procedure: The sense and the essential of the work with all kinds of essences is to release self healing processes over our emotions and through our thoughts. We have to learn to use them more consciously.

The spirit forms the matter. All physical processes vibrate on a certain energetic frequency. Among others illness can be considered as manifested (wrong-) information, that is perceived unconsciously and is expressed by means of the illness. This disharmonizing situations first show themselves in the invisible, the fine-matter bodies, before they make themselves visible in the physical body, with disharmony and illness.



Essences gained of flowers, gems, animals or cosmic energies, can complete the missing healing information and can loose up blockades, that obstruct the energy flow in human beings. In the first instance the aim is to reach the balanced nature, how the body mobilizes the own self-healing powers. Furthermore light, colour, sounds and the essences help to rebalance our fine-matter body and to increase through this our vibration frequency. By means of impulses our sub-consciousness is given an impetus, where often unconscious patterns of behaviour come to light. This enables us to get conscious of these patterns, to get rid of them and to heal us ourselves.

It depends whether the essences contain the energies of gems, mushrooms, flowers, orchids, animals or cosmic energies, they effect on the different levels of the human body i. e. the energy-system. These effect-levels reveal an analogy to each biological location or occurrence, in special with regards to the soil. Therefore the method of use is executed in a strict sequence – according to the natural law, in order to develop the entire spectrum of effect of the essences. First some expressions should explained shortly.

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Therapy of the future

Besides the physical, visible body there are further fine-matter body levels, that are called aura. Nowadays there exist already various technical procedures, that allow us to make visible the fine-matter energy body.

The expression chacra derives from the sanscrit and means „Wheel“. Chacras are fine-matter energy centres of the body, that steadily turn and take in the life energy out of the cosmos. There are seven body chacras and over and above that even „higher chacras“ over our head.

The sequence of the use:

1. Gem essences
Natural location: in the interiour of the earth
Effect: earthening, they fix us with earth, rebalance the energies of the body and the organs. It is very important to start always with the gem essences, since they help us to stabilize the energies of the body and to help to integrate by this the effect of other high-swinging essences. We can only rise up energetically as far as we are also willing to anchor our roots into the soil.

2. Mushroom essences
Natural location: soil or in organic substances (Mycel), partially also above (spur carrier), hat mushroomopened to the bottom – reflects the earth energy. Effect: Earthening, detoxicating They help to integrate the flower essences and bring the effect into the sub-consciousness.

3. Flower essences:
Natural location: The flower is situated very often clearly above the soil and is at the same time linked by means of a stalk or a trunk with the soil, in general the blossoms are opened to the topand reflect the light of sun and the universe. Effect: balancing, depending on the flower effecting at the same time on the emotional, ethereal or / and the astral level.

4. Orchid essences
Natural location: a lot of orchids live in the treetops (epiphytical)
Effect: mental and spiritual levels, higher chacras, that are situation between 0,5 until about 4 m over the parting (information level)

5. Delph essence (and other sea- and animal essences)
Natural location: The sea. Effect: wave-shaped up to a distance of 40 ms.
Emotional level up to the mental-spiritual level. Dolphin can be considered as the „Joker“ among the essences. This essences always has an exact effect on the area that is most important for the person and is therefore used in every treatment.

6. Crop circle essences
Natural location: cosmic energy patterns, that appear in crop fields
Effect: wide radiation, mental, spiritual field Connect the human being with the consciousness of his cosmic origin and link. Healing from cosmic level.

The Holistic Light Treatment is the healing method of the future and you can treat humans, foods, animals… This will be the New Dimension of Healing.

Flower of Life


Holistic-light-treatment in action